Each day, I take time to meditate in nature. That is where I find peace & inspiration. Today’s mantra was ” I behold the abundance that surrounds me.” I truly believe that we are all surrounded by blessings. Many of us, however, are not trained to notice them. We are so busy. So plugged in. Often believing that “busyness” is the same as productivity. But rushing around and multi-tasking can often distract us from the very miracles we are meant to discover. Revelations that only happen when we take a few moments to breathe consciously & observe the simple wonders that surround us.bird, common flicker 045 Nature never fails to reveal blessings, if you take the time to notice.

When I opened my eyes after mediation, this is what I saw. A pair of Yellow-Shafted Common Flickers who were snacking on ants in the path. The male is the one with the “mustache.” First attracted by the moving water in the pond, they seemed to have settled in nearby and came back for a bite to eat.

Nature always reveals pleasant surprises in our backyard habitat. I encourage you to take some time outside today to enjoy some slow, conscious breaths and see what you discover. Be sure to let me know below.

Common Flicker yellow-shafted Talk (1)