Wife Convinces Husband of New Approach, Turning Fall Leaves into Black Gold

mulch leaves 002

mulch leaves 003There are many benefits to recycling fall leaves right on your own property. Doing so provides:

  1. leaf layer: a mini ecosystem on which many insects & animals depend for warmth, shelter and food in winter.
  2. Leaves break down into nutrient rich soil, a.k.a. “Black Gold.”
  3. Reduces the use of fossil fuels to transport them to an off-site composter.
  4. Reduces the cost of purchasing them back next season as finished leaf compost.
  5. Prevents organic matter from entering the landfill, where it produces dangerous gases as it breaks down

We tried three approaches this year:

  • Mulching:
    • A mulching lawn mower
    • A weed whacker and a trash can
  • Composting some whole leaves
  • Left some leaves in place to provide a winter habitat for wildlife

I hope we inspire you to capture the “Black Gold” on your property!

Happy Gardening!