The Last StrawI am proud to announce that the article I spoke to you about in July has been published. Thank you all for your ideas and your support. Your suggestions led to the development of a two-page spread focusing on creative ways to garden anywhere. I highlighted creative gardens made out of plastic kiddie pools, bales of straw and burlap bags.

I took this challenge on to exercise my writing skills. It wasn’t easy to fit all of the information I had into a certain word count with only a limited number of photos. This is also the first time that Let's Bag the Whole ThingI have gone through this kind of editing process. For example, my original title was “Think outside the Plots.” I am learning a lot.

The best part for me was working with my readers, other Master Gardeners and friends to collect stories and photos of your innovative gardening ideas. I think we are on to something!

Please look for the article titled “A Green Form of Creativity” in the following magazines. They are delivered by mail in their respective cities.

  • Inside Bethesda
  • Inside Potomac
  • Colesville Life

These magazines are not available online, therefore I am unable to provide you with a link. If you live outside of these areas, you may want to ask a friend for their copy.

I have two more articles scheduled to be printed in the next few months. Watch your mailboxes.

Thank you again for your support,

Heather Zindash