IMG_1518So, the doctor said that I needed to get more exercise. Tell me something I don’t know. I decided to make it fun. I threw my bike in the back of the car and drove to a nearby state park. I have never ridden there before, but it didn’t take long for me to find the one and only garden in the many, many acres of greenery.

As I peddled up and down the gently rolling hills of the roadway, I began seeing signs that said “Peonies.” I’m talking about actual sign posts here, not signs from heaven.

I began to follow them and what did I find? A beautiful garden of peonies in all shapes, sizes and colors. There were benches for people to sit, enjoy the view and submerse themselves in the blossom-filled air.IMG_1521

I stopped just long enough to take a few pictures, but the beauty of this place and the smell of the fresh morning blossoms stayed with me as I finished my ride. I think that was the most pleasant hour of exercise that I have ever had.

How do the great outdoors inspire your workout? Tell me in the comments below.

IMG_1515 Irises 043