First Frogs of Spring 2015 012The frogs have been peeking out of the First Frogs of Spring 2015 010water for a few weeks now. But today is 70 degrees and apparently warm enough for them to venture out and sun themselves. I counted 7 in and around the pond this afternoon. Look how different they look.

The weather has been quite unpredictable here in the Washington D.C. area. Winter just won’t let go of its tight grip. But nature is not phased. The fish are out and about, the bulbs continue to slowly emerge from the First Frogs of Spring 2015 018ground and the frogs are drying out from their water-logged winter slumber.

Have you noticed that the birds have changed their tune, too? I hear the American Robins ushering in Spring with a fresh new melody. Mating and nesting is sure to commence. Tip: Put the hair from your hairbrush out onto a bush or tree. The birds will collect it for nesting material. #reuse #repurpose

Which signs of Spring are you enjoying most?