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The Soulful Gardener, Heather Zindash

IPM Scout, Consultant and Research Assistant, ISA Certified Arborist, Medical Cannabis Agent/Consultant, Garden/Nature Communicator

Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 042This Easter season, I was honored to be interviewed by Sharon Allen Gilder for a featured piece in our local paper, The Town Courier. I am thrilled to dish the dirt about my passion for gardening and nature. Nothing is more rewarding to me than to hear people say that they have been inspired to follow their own garden dreams by my work online or in person.

“I hope to encourage everyone to get outside, get dirty & grow,
inside and out.”

My hope is that this article will serve to bring more people together with plants & nature for health and well-being. To read the article, please go to:

If you are also inspired, please help me spread the word dirt!

Happy Gardening!