birds in winter 003It is days like this that I am glad my feeders are full. What better way to spend snowy & icy days like these, than to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching the birds enjoy their feast?

This is our family’s entertainment of choice, especially when we are sitting by a window, drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall.Birds - Winter 006

Birds 002It is a beautiful winter moment when can observe the birds and squirrels from the comfort of our warm home. We feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that we make their winter a bit easier by providing nourishing food on days like these.



The pond continues to provide year-round interest by offering birds and squirrels much needed water throughout the season.

Are your feeders full? What connection to nature are you enjoying this snowy winter day?

Squirrel at water 002Birds 023Birds 010May 7, 2013 005