Creating a Backyard Pond

We have loved our small pond which we inherited from a friend who moved away. It is about 50 gallons. It has been a home for a few water plants, goldfish, snails and generations of frogs over the last few years.

Our pond is the center of activity in our backyard and provides year-round entertainment. It is especially fun to watch the birds, butterflies, dragonflies, chipmunks and squirrels come by for a drink during the day. The small waterfall makes a lovely and soothing sound that is so relaxing. Our family and friends love to come to the yard to unwind in the ambiance of the water features.

H iPhone Photos Video 10-12 618The number one reason that I wanted the pond was to grow and enjoy waterlilies. They look beautiful. They remind me of my yoga practice and to stop, breathe & center myself. They have a fantastic smell. The best way I know to describe it’s scent is that is smells like a SweeTarts; somehow sweet and sour at the same time. It’s a glorious plant throughout the summer.

That success along with the fact that water plants, like any other plants H iPhone Photos Video 10-12 173grow, spread and need more space, led me to start day dreaming about a larger pond. Luckily, my husband (our resident landscaper & my constant supporter) also enjoys the pond and the Eco-system it has created. He too, is on-board. So, I made a plan, consulted a landscaper and water gardening expert and am now pricing materials.

New Pond Plan_0003

The idea is to create the pond and use the soil that is removed to make a raised vegetable garden bed that is adjacent to the pond. They both have the same light requirements and this space is in full sun.

Check out the project updates below:


One thought on “Creating a Backyard Pond

  1. Heather,

    Your site is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this info about the pond. Ever since I sat in your beautiful, peaceful backyard, I’ve longed to have a pond in my yard. This will be my summer project. May God bless your new endeavor.


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