Creating your own Certified Wildlife Habitat is fun for the whole family and great for the enviornment

NWF Nestlings CoverLet me show you how easy it is to attract pollinators, birds & wildlife to your own backyard. It will be a constant source of entertainment and education for the whole family.

Don’t forget, I’ll be talking about gardening to attract birds at The Wild Bird Center in Gaithersburg. Call 301-330-9453, to reserve your free seat.

Happy Gardening!

Fresh, unfrozen water, vital to birds & animals

Common Flicker, birds in winter pond 023The number one way to attract birds and wildlife to your yard is to provide a steady source of fresh, unfrozen water. Water is an essential, life-giving element in any/every ecosystem. It is the first step in creating your own backyard habitat.

Common Flicker, birds in winter pond 014Today this male Common (“Yellow Shafted”) Flicker stopped by our pond for a drink. Note the black mustache and yellow markings on its hind wings. The Common Flicker is part of the woodpecker family and is about 12-14″ tall. You can sometimes spot them in the summer hopping awkwardly on the ground eating ants.

We were so pleasantly surprised by his visit this morning.

Common Flicker, birds in winter pond 016Please feel free to like, share, tweet and forward to your friends and family.

Happy Gardening!

“Holy Hot Tub, Batman…”


Providing fresh, clean water is the single best way to attract birds to your yard. toad-and-bird-003.JPG

Watch as this American Robin makes the most out of this water feature.

The sound of falling water is soothing and restorative. Even our neighbors enjoy it’s peaceful sounds as they take their evening strolls.

But, who knew that how many other creatures were enjoying the benefits of our half barrel waterfall?



Gray Tree Frog Serenade

gray tree frog CoverLast night we were treated to a beautiful serenade by a tiny yet mighty little singer. Here is what our illusive songster sounded like… 

Do you hear them in your yard at night?


The Soulful Gardener Featured at Local Starbucks

Dear Soulful Friends,

Starbucks Show 004It has been a long time since I have had an art show (think college days), but I am very excited to let you know that photos from The Soulful Gardener blog & website are currently being featured at our local Starbucks during the month of June.

Showing these photos is another fun way that I hope to connect people with plants & nature, even if it’s on their coffee break.

I invite you & your friends to the Starbucks in Kingsview Shopping Center to enjoy some coffee & art together. The address is 13408 Kingsview Village Ave., Germantown, Maryland.

I hope you enjoy the show!

I welcome your thoughts about the show in the comments below.


Aviary Aboundance

C & O and blue bird 068I have been meditating on Abundance for a while now. Nothing out of the ordinary, abundant creativity, abundant love and friendship, abundant finances, etc. But lately I have been enjoying an abundance of new and unusual birds.

This male Indigo Bunting was a surprise guest at the feeder on Friday.  He is about the size of a small goldfinch at 5 1/2″. He is (obviously) bright blue all over. The females are is very plain, brown with no distinctive markings. After looking up images of the female, I realized that I might never recognize her if I hadn’t been tipped off by seeing the male first. Now I will look at the dull brown birds much more closely to see if I can spot a female Indigo Bunting.

What a blessing to see this abundant array of colors at our feeder. I am grateful for the gentle surprises the Universe is sharing with us.

Please let us know if you see any surprises at your feeder. And, as always, please “Like,” “Share,” & forward as you feel so moved.

blue bird 001




Creating your own Certified Wildlife Habitat

Frog 009I am currently writing an article about “Creating your own Certified Wildlife Habitat” (The National Wildlife Foundation). It will be published in several local magazines this summer. It will also soon be transformed into a new page here at Nestlings Cover


Do you have a Certified Wildlife Habitat? If so, please send us a picture and tell us about it.