Five Freezable Frogs

Animals deal with freezing temperatures in one of three ways. Migration (leave), Hibernation (sleep), or Coping (deal).

001 (2)Five of our North American frogs cope with winter by allowing themselves to freeze in place. They thaw just in time to participate in a spring fling mating celebration.

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Gray Tree Frog Serenade

gray tree frog CoverLast night we were treated to a beautiful serenade by a tiny yet mighty little singer. Here is what our illusive songster sounded like… 

Do you hear them in your yard at night?


How to attract Butterflies to your Garden


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This summer sure has given me lots of material to share with you. Here is one I know you will enjoy.

I was inspired to share two videos with you on this page. So, please make some herbal tea, curl up with your laptop and enjoy this beautiful moment as we learn about the fascinating behavior of butterflies puddling.