Leaf ’em alone

Keep those valuable nutrients on your own property 

A leaf layer…

  1. Fall Leaves 2Creates an ecosystem where many insects & animals will find warmth, shelter and winter food. Check out these Freezable Frogs who rely
    on a leaf layer for winter survival.
  2. Reduces the use of fossil fuels to transport leaves to an off-site composter.
  3. Reduces the cost of purchasing them back next season as finished leaf compost.
  4. Prevents organic matter from entering the landfill, where it produces dangerous gases as it breaks down.
  5. Use shredded leaves as fall mulch.

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Five Freezable Frogs

Animals deal with freezing temperatures in one of three ways. Migration (leave), Hibernation (sleep), or Coping (deal).

001 (2)Five of our North American frogs cope with winter by allowing themselves to freeze in place. They thaw just in time to participate in a spring fling mating celebration.

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