‘Leaf’ Me Alone!

Wife Convinces Husband of New Approach, Turning Fall Leaves into Black Gold

mulch leaves 002

mulch leaves 003There are many benefits to recycling fall leaves right on your own property. Doing so provides:

  1. leaf layer: a mini ecosystem on which many insects & animals depend for warmth, shelter and food in winter.
  2. Leaves break down into nutrient rich soil, a.k.a. “Black Gold.”
  3. Reduces the use of fossil fuels to transport them to an off-site composter.
  4. Reduces the cost of purchasing them back next season as finished leaf compost.
  5. Prevents organic matter from entering the landfill, where it produces dangerous gases as it breaks down

We tried three approaches this year:

  • Mulching:
    • A mulching lawn mower
    • A weed whacker and a trash can
  • Composting some whole leaves
  • Left some leaves in place to provide a winter habitat for wildlife

I hope we inspire you to capture the “Black Gold” on your property!

Happy Gardening!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carderock, C & O, Potomac 046 Dear Soulful Friends,

Thank you for another year of fellowship in the garden. I am so grateful for you all and it fills my heart to see viewers from all over the world enjoying this blog/site.

We are all connected. Everything we do in our own backyard, affects our global neighbors. Which means any effort that you make to improve your own yard by planting native plants (which host large numbers of insect & animal species), avoiding pesticides and reducing your storm water runoff, has a hugely beneficial impact on you, your family, your neighborhood, your country and the world.

Thank you all for all you do!

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The Soulful Gardener

TSG Photos at Quince Orchard Library

Dear Soulful Friends,

I am very excited to let you know that you can view photos from The Soulful Gardner at the Quince Orchard Library located at 15831 Quince Orchard Rd, North Potomac, MD 20878.

I love to capture beautiful moments in the garden and in nature. Sharing those imagesIMG_1999
 with you gives me great pleasure. This is just the first of many shows that I plan to bring to you in the future. It is another way that I will fulfill my mission “to bring people plants and nature together for health and well-being.”

If you would like to bring a “soulful” moment in nature home, please contact me at thesoulfulgardener@gmail.com for pricing information.

Enjoy the show!



“Holy Hot Tub, Batman…”


Providing fresh, clean water is the single best way to attract birds to your yard. toad-and-bird-003.JPG

Watch as this American Robin makes the most out of this water feature.

The sound of falling water is soothing and restorative. Even our neighbors enjoy it’s peaceful sounds as they take their evening strolls.

But, who knew that how many other creatures were enjoying the benefits of our half barrel waterfall?



Peonies Postscript

peonies Seneca Creek Park 011After that great bike ride at Seneca Creek Park, I decided to return to learn more about the Peony garden there.

this large collection of peonies was gifted by The Schwartz Family. The peony is also known as the city flower of Gaithersburg and each year the city hosts a Peony Festival.

Click here to ready more…

“I hope this story leads you off your usual path and encourages you to discover something new right in your own backyard.”

Gray Tree Frog Serenade

gray tree frog CoverLast night we were treated to a beautiful serenade by a tiny yet mighty little singer. Here is what our illusive songster sounded like… 

Do you hear them in your yard at night?


The Soulful Gardener Featured at Local Starbucks

Dear Soulful Friends,

Starbucks Show 004It has been a long time since I have had an art show (think college days), but I am very excited to let you know that photos from The Soulful Gardener blog & website are currently being featured at our local Starbucks during the month of June.

Showing these photos is another fun way that I hope to connect people with plants & nature, even if it’s on their coffee break.

I invite you & your friends to the Starbucks in Kingsview Shopping Center to enjoy some coffee & art together. The address is 13408 Kingsview Village Ave., Germantown, Maryland.

I hope you enjoy the show!

I welcome your thoughts about the show in the comments below.


How to Create a Raised Vegetable Garden

Growing and eating your own healthy food is easy and cost-effective

To start, you will need:©2013 by Heather. All rights reserved.

  • To choose a good Site
  • Build a healthy Soil
  • Choose your Seeds and/or Seedlings
  • Sustain your garden with TLC

Click here to read more…


It didn’t take long…

IMG_1518So, the doctor said that I needed to get more exercise. Tell me something I don’t know. I decided to make it fun. I threw my bike in the back of the car and drove to a nearby state park. I have never ridden there before, but it didn’t take long for me to find the one and only garden in the many, many acres of greenery.

As I peddled up and down the gently rolling hills of the roadway, I began seeing signs that said “Peonies.” I’m talking about actual sign posts here, not signs from heaven.

I began to follow them and what did I find? A beautiful garden of peonies in all shapes, sizes and colors. There were benches for people to sit, enjoy the view and submerse themselves in the blossom-filled air.IMG_1521

I stopped just long enough to take a few pictures, but the beauty of this place and the smell of the fresh morning blossoms stayed with me as I finished my ride. I think that was the most pleasant hour of exercise that I have ever had.

How do the great outdoors inspire your workout? Tell me in the comments below.

IMG_1515 Irises 043







Feathered FatherhoodCardinal feeding his baby

Last summer, I kept hearing a baby bird out my window. I snuck up to the window with my camera and this is what I found. Click here to see the video.


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