“Out of the Garden, Into the World”

Nothing is more gratifying to me than Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 042talking with others about sustainable horticulture, backyard habitats or creating an outdoor respite where you and your loved ones can relax, enjoy and rejuvenate.

“My mission is to bring people, plants and nature together for health and well-being.”

In this series, you will find a wide range of topics. You can choose one presentation for your group or, we can create a series together that can be presented throughout the year. I will provide your audience with an engaging presentation created with beautiful inspiring images, science-based facts and personal stories from decades of experience with gardening and nature. A list of resources about your topic will be given at the end of the presentation and available to your group on this website under Resources. The presentation will be end with a short question and answer session.

I would love to talk to your garden club, organization or association about connecting with nature through gardening and the benefits associated with going outside, getting dirty and growing, inside and out.

My fees are reasonable and available upon request. Travel expenses may apply, depending on location. To request a presentation, click here, or contact me at thesoulfulgardener@gmail.com.

List of presentation topics:

  • “Gardening, It’s for the Birds” – How to attracted beautiful & beneficial birds to your garden.
  • “Tips and tricks to attract Hummingbirds to your garden” – What is more fun that enjoying the antics of these summer jewels in our garden?
  •  “How to create a Backyard Oasis” – How to add water features to your yard from small containers to in-ground ponds, with or without goldfish. There is a water garden for every space & every budget.
  •  “How to create a Backyard Habitat” – How to add the most important elements to your garden in order to attract & sustain local wildlife. Learn how to restore the habitat of our displaced and in some cases, endangered local wildlife, including insects and pollinators.
  • “Gardening to attract Wildlife” – Year-round gardening techniques that attract and sustain wildlife. Providing healthy, sustainable ecosystems to beneficial insects, birds and mammals who are effected by habitat loss and fragmentation.
  • *Gardening with Native Plants**Currently in production** Native plants provide habitat for a much broader range of insects, birds and animals than their non-native counterparts. They help us restore lost habitat and fragmentation, as well as compete with non-native invasive plants for resources such as light, nutrients and water.

More topics are on the way. Let me know if you have a suggestion about a topic you would and your group would enjoy learning more about.

What are people saying about The Soulful Gardener?

“Heather Zindash provided a professional and informative presentation for Gaithersburg’s St. Rose of Lima’s Eco-Action Team which focuses on creation care. She is organized, articulate and knowledgeable. Her talk held the attention of the invited attendees as she explained how easy and healthful it is to raise certain vegetables in container gardens. Heather brought with her some pre-constructed container samples so that attendees could easily grasp the concepts. She skillfully and encouragingly responded to questions from the audience. ”

“Heather applies her knowledge, spirituality, sensitivity to the environment and creativity through her web site, TheSoulfulGardener.com.”  
 Ed M
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