Gray Tree Frog Serenade

gray tree frog, NWF, Backyard Habitat, Garden inspiration, water gardenYou know how much I love a “natural” surprise. One evening while we were outside, we heard the signature call of the illusive Gray Tree Frog. It sounds like this. Do you hear them in your yard at night?

We were standing on the back porch in the dark. The sound seemed to  be coming from right beside us. We grabbed a flashlight and tried to follow the call, but couldn’t seem to find anything. These little guys are so small and well camouflaged that you can often hear them but hardly ever see them.

gray tree frog, NWF, Backyard Habitat, Garden inspiration, water gardenWe were standing right beside our half barrel waterfall, when it occurred to me to look into it for the sound. It took some investigating, but I soon discovered that the little guy       (1-1/4″ – 2″ in size) was hiding under the lip of the waterfall. You can see his nose peaking out in the photo above.

I pulled the lip up a bit so I could see it a bit more clearly. With my camera in the other hand, I got a great shot of him while making his call.

Tonight, I was in the kitchen and I heard a very loud call from a Gray gray tree frog, NWF, Backyard Habitat, Garden inspiration, water gardenTree Frog. It is raining outside, so I grabbed my flashlight once again and peaked out the back patio door. Sure enough, there was another Gray Tree Frog sitting on an empty pot right outside the door. It was no bigger than my thumb from tip to first knuckle. What a big noise from such a little fella. He (or she) patiently waited for me (and my daughter) to take his picture, flash and all, before disappearing into the night.

We love to hear the lullaby of the Gray Tree Frogs at night. We often open the windows just a bit, especially on rainy nights like this one, just to let them sing us to sleep.

Pleasant dreams my Soulful friends.






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