Garden Tea & Hat Party

The Soulful Gardener hosted it’s first garden event this past weekend. A Garden Tea & Hat Party. We had a great time together learning about and tasting tea while donning our fantastic hats. Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 012 cropped

Our family loves to entertain outside in the garden. This was a great opportunity to visit with friends; some old, some new while having fun.

Before embarking on this journey I am currently on, I made a decision to open my heart & listen in a way that I haven’t always done so before. Along this road, I have found that the right people have been put in my path at the right time. Every time I recognize that the right person is in front of me, I know that I am moving in the right direction, even if I don’t know what the end product will ultimately be.

That is how this event came about. I had met a new friend at church who invited me to lunch. She also invited two other new friends. One of whom came into the restaurant wearing a fantastic hat. She wore it with such style. Her name was Michelle. Each of the ladies had a fascinating story and as we became comfortable with one another, we started sharing our interests. Keep in mind, at that point this website was just a sketch on a sheet of paper. This was the first time I shared my website idea out loud with anyone outside of my family and Jody, my web-designing friend. I was nervous to put the idea out there into the universe. Who knew how it would be received? On the other hand, I also knew that best the way to get this idea off the ground was to in fact put it out into the universe.

Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 06551b517d0e79fb.JPGWell, that turned out to be great training ground. The ladies were so encouraging. Michelle Norkus, who is English, explained that she hosts tea presentations and tastings. She promptly offered to host a tea in my garden. She went on to tell me that she also designs custom hats. She offered to bring some for the ladies to wear if they wanted. Well, that sealed the deal. Who could pass up sipping delightful tea while wearing fine hats in a beautiful setting with interesting friends? Not me! It sounded like too much fun.

Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 018So, we made our plan. We invited some ladies to come over dressed for tea. They could either bring their own hat or borrow one of Michelle’s many custom hats that she brought along. Everyone was excited about the event and they all looked so nice with their special hats that day. Some of us wore one of Michelle’s creations, like me. Others had fine hats of their own and one lady even decorated her own hat, giving it her own sense of style. They were all great! Even my husband, Chris got into the act. Can you spot him?

Turtle and flower photos 016We gathered together in the garden on a partly cloudy day. It had rained the day before, so the garden was lush and green. The hydrangeas, roses & fuscias were in bloom. The smell of jasmine, honeysuckle & Peruvian Daffodils filled the air.

Michelle served white gogiberry tea while she explained the history of tea. She had great visual pieces to share with us. We learned about the different kinds of teas, how they were prepared and from where they originated. We learned how tea became a social event and why. There were so many fascinating facts about tea that many of us never knew and were happy to learn.

In her presentation, Michelle explained that we were enjoying something called “Cream Tea.” This is where you are served cream scones, clotted cream, jam and berries.

I’d love to share all the interesting knowledge we learned at our tea tasting, but Michelle does it so much better than I. To host your own great tea party, contact Michelle Norkus of Acertaintea at 301-467-5157. Michelle conducts tea lectures, tea tastings and/or children’s etiquette teas.

We had a lovely day in terrific company. Michelle simply did a wonderful job. We all felt decadent in our beautiful hats sipping our tea and enjoying the garden. Take a look at these great shots…

I can’t wait until the next garden event!


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