Here are some ways we enjoy our Backyard Habitat:TSG Hummingbird at Feeder (2)

blue bird 001Our family loves to be outdoors. We eat, play exercise and entertain outside.

Over the years, our yard has been through many phases. We have always maintained our border gardens with a focus on birds, hummingbirds and butterflies. They provide hours of entertainment all on their own. We also saved the NWF Nestlings Covermajority of the yard for our kids. We initially had the swing set phase for the little kids. As the kids got older, we moved into the trampoline phase. Then we added a playhouse with a slide and even a zip line. We also have a summer phase when we break out a small pool, slip-n-slide and sprinkler for fun.DE Photo Ops 041 Our backyard habitat is the backdrop of birthday parties, family entertaining, picnics and our famous Low Country Boils. We barbecue and dine alfresco as often as possible and weather permits. We often use our own herbs to flavor our meals. caterpillar on bronze fennel 003 (2)The best part is that there is always something happening around us in nature. We can see birds tending to their nest, visiting the water gardens, eating from the feeders. We can watch the squirrels chase one another around the yard and up the very tall trees. Deer often pass by in the woods beyond the fence. Chipmunks scurry from the beds to their holes stashing nuts and seeds. This baby Tufted Titmouse has just fledged from one of our birdhouses You can hear the falling water from the fountains and waterfalls and catch a glimpse of the goldfish in the ponds. And, if you sit quietly, you can hear the frogs call to one another from one water feature to another. It’s a lovely space. Read my tips and ideas above and get inspired about enjoying your own backyard.Swallowtail Butterfly on Buddleia  - Butterfly garden