Buried Treasure

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Extend the life of your fall planters by hiding spring bulbs inside

Before I became The Soulful Gardener, my husband nicknamed me The Constant Gardener. I like to have something blooming all year long.

Last Fall, as I began to refresh my planters, I realized that with very little effort I could extend the life of my planters by simply hiding spring bulbs under my fall plants. 

I purchased daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs along with my fall favorites. I planted the bulbs at the correct depths (see package) as I filled the pot with potting soil. I planted pansies (annual), dianthus and dusty miller (perennials) on top. I placed them by the doors so we could enjoy them all season. The planters looked great during the fall and for most of our mild winter. Although the plants were affected by freezing temperatures, they rebounded quickly as temperatures rose.

The best part was that while it was still too cold to be outside, my family and I began to see the first signs of spring when the bulbs poked up through the fall flowers.  When the weather warmed, we began to enjoy waves of seasonal color right at our doorstep; first the daffodils, then the tulips and finally the muscari.  In the summer, I simply pulled off the browned leaves from the bulbs and replaced the pansies with petunias adding a little fertilizer to refresh the planter soil.

The bulbs have been hidden inside the planters all season, quietly storing nutrients for next year. I am about to replace the petunias with pansies as my last garden task for the year. While we admire our planters from the comfort of our warm home this winter, I know that in the spring just when we need it most we will again be surprised by our beautiful buried treasures.

To Bury Your Own Treasures you will need:

  • A weather-proof container with holes for drainage
  • Potting Soil
  • Fertilizer – please read the directions carefully to match the needs of your plants
  • Spring bulbs of your liking
  • Fall annuals or perennials
  • A level spot outdoors where your pot will receive:
  • 6+ hours of sun
  • rain or snowfall

Place your “treasure chest” by your front door, back patio or sunroom window so you can enjoy the show from fall to spring.

Happy Gardening!

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