Nature’s Morning Meditation

Good Morning! It’s about 6 am and I’m doing my normal routine this time of year. I like to get up while the house is quiet. I make my coffee and quietly go outside to sit and wake up slowly.

It is my morning meditation. This is the time of day where I give thanks to God for the blessings in my life. Where I just sit and open myself to the beauty around me; the fragrant spring blossoms, the morning sky, the melody of the songbirds surrounding me. I am thankful for a glimpse of the numerous birds that are taking turns alighting in the nearby trees and shrubs like a well choreographed dance. I wait patiently for them to come to the feeder so I can get a closer, unobstructed view. As I sit, the squirrels and chipmunks scurry by, stopping for a second to look at me and making sure I don’t intend any harm. But, there I am, simply observing in silence and connecting to the natural around me.

This morning, I was inspired to share with you the sounds of my morning meditation perfectly orchestrated by nature itself. Before you play this movie, please find a comfortable place to sit where you can hear and enjoy the link below. Somewhere where you can safely close your eyes (not while you are driving) and simply focus on the symphony of nature that you are about to experience. Be sure you can either turn your volume up or put on headphones.

Although there are visuals, I encourage you to listen with your heart. Hear the birds as they take turns coming in and out of the song like a perfectly directed chorus. It is as though they are being led by a very talented, yet invisible maestro. Maybe they are.

Here is Nature’s Morning Meditation.


Namaste (“I honor the divine in you”)


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