Happy Leap Frog!

frog with tail (4)I mean, Leap Day! Soon, our froggy friends will be coming out of the water, ready to help us celebrate.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.

Happy Gardening!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

DSC00671Roses are Red
These Birds are Blue
So Happy to Start
This Day with You!

I hope you are having a lovely Valentine’s Day morning. My husband and I got up early this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee together before making a special Valentine’s Day breakfast for our teenage daughters.

As we woke slowly, we noticed some new friends at the feeder. Their unmistakable colors gave them away. I quickly grabbed my camera while my husband enjoyed watching these Easter Bluebirds eating from our feeders and drinking from the backyard pond.

They stayed for several hours. When the kids got up, we all enjoyed watching these symbols of happiness while we ate our special holiday breakfast. Complete with heart-shaped pancakes. We enjoyed their visit immensely. It reminded us of all the fun we had monitoring a Bluebird Trail last summer. A very warm thought on this very cold day.

These are the times when our family is rewarded for keeping our feeders filled and for providingDSC00696 fresh, unfrozen water during the winter. These items are vital to our overwintering birds and wildlife. Luckily for the Bluebirds, meal worms were on the menu. A staple in their diet.

I like how this guy is eyeing the frog, as if it might jump in and join him for a drink.

DSC00700This little lady seems to be multi-tasking by bathing and drinking at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

We do not normally see Eastern Bluebirds in our backyard habitat for more than a fly-by, but today they came and spent all morning, delighting us all with their presence.

What a perfect gift of happiness on a day dedicated to love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Soulful Friends!

It won’t be long now…

Caught an ‘Ear-full’

DSC00341Today, while I was out checking the bird feeders and pond, I heard a faint ‘zeee’ that I have never heard before. As I concentrated on this new sound in the garden, I realized that it was en mass.

I began to focus on the waves of birds gently flying from the berry bushes to the tall trees and realized that I was looking at my very first flock of Cedar Waxwings, also known as an ‘ear-full.’
DSC00350Check out the yellow band on the tip of their tails. I could not see the waxy red tips on their secondary wing feathers for which they are named. I have read that they are not always easy to see. Maybe they’re tucked under their folded wings.

Did you know Cedar Waxwings:DSC00339

  • LOVE fruit and can live on fruit alone for several months of the year?
  • can get drunk from consuming
    overripe berries, whose fermentation produces alcohol?
  • eat in shifts; one group moving out of the way so the other group can eat?
  • are great seed dispersers.

Remember, when planning your garden, try to include berry-producing plants as a late season food source for birds and other wildlife

I hope you have enjoyed this rarely seen find as much as I have.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. By the way, bird watching can help burn off a big meal. Let us know what you see.

Happy Gardening!




‘Leaf’ it alone!

Keep those valuable nutrients on your own property 

A leaf layer…

  1. Fall Leaves 2Creates an ecosystem where many insects & animals will find warmth, shelter and winter food. Check out these Freezable Frogs who rely on a leaf layer to survive the winter.
  2. Reduces the use of fossil fuels to transport them to an off-site composter.
  3. Reduces the cost of purchasing them back next season as finished leaf compost.
  4. Prevents organic matter from entering the landfill, where it produces dangerous gases as it breaks down

Learn how here…


Quitting time

fish, pond, hummingbird, dragonfly 2014 019Remember to stop feeding your pond fish once the water temperature falls below 50 degrees.

Cold temperatures slow their metabolism as they prepare for winter, which in turn slows their digestion.


Fall Finishers

Sweet BeeIt is important to support pollinators all season long. though we have had some cold spells here and there, our pollinators are still active and in need of food and water.

Remember to include fall-blooming plants in your garden plan, on your balcony or on your deck. Plants in the chrysanthemum and aster families work great this time of year. Pineapple Sage and pansies are also on my list of fall favorites.

What fall-bloomers do you enjoy most?


Make & Take

In preparation for the winter months, I am working on coming up with fun demonstration ideas for classes I will be teaching.

Do you have a favorite make & take project that you’ve done with your garden club or organization? Is there a project you’d like to see offered?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Happy Gardening!

**Freeze Warning in our area**

Dear friends,

Please be advised that there is a frost warning in our area for tonight and tomorrow night.

  • Harvest those veggies
  • Cover your annuals
  • Bring in your tropicals
  • Cut your garden blooms and create a beautiful arrangement to keep you warm inside while it’s cold outside

Happy Gardening!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…

The Hummingbird MothHummingbird?
Check out this case of
mistaken identity in the garden.