Spring is springing…

Spring Garden 022, Garden Inspiration, Gardening tips, Small garden design, Backyard HabitatSpring is coming! It really is, despite the fact that we are getting text alerts about an impending snow storm tomorrow. “Heavy snow likely, with a possibility of a school delay or cancellation.” We Marylander’s are finding this tough to take.

Well, I refuse to let that forecast steal my joy on a day that is 62 degrees and sunny. I simply refuse!

Spring Garden 001, Garden Inspiration, Gardening tips, Small garden design, Backyard HabitatToday, we decided to open our pond and water features. The backyard sounds so beautiful with the falling water as a backdrop to the melody of the birds singing about our warm weather and heralding in a new season. We have even seen fish, tadpoles and frogs in the pond. In fact, I am hearing the first croaks of the year right now. They sound hoarse and lack the rhythm that we enjoy in the summer. It is almost like the practice scale of a budding musician.

Spring Garden 004, Garden Inspiration, Gardening tips, Small garden design, Backyard Habitat

Apparently, these creatures did not get their messages from the weather service. The good news, is that they will be unscathed by one last blast of snow.

I had to go out and take some pictures for you and for me. It has been a long cold winter here and my soul really needs some outdoor time.

I have already spotted flies, bees and other flying insects today. I even spotted this praying mantis egg Spring Garden 2014 008, Garden Inspiration, Gardening tips, Small garden design, Backyard Habitatcase. It will hatch 100-200 babies after several weeks of warm weather.

After the winter we have had here in Maryland, it is hard to believe that we could string together enough warm days to make a week, let alone several weeks. but, keep warm thoughts, my Soulful friends. Spring is on the way. And, I will be keeping you inspired with new and wonderful things from the garden this year.

Please let us know what you are seeing in your garden today in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening! (soon)


5 thoughts on “Spring is springing…

  1. I so needed this today! Thank you for the encouraging words and beautiful pictures! Right now up North here in Ohio not much is happening flora wise in my garden but the birds are singing today!

  2. Heather thanks it just makes me wish for warm weather. I thought yesterday was just too much I can’t stand one more cold day but at least it was sunny. I looking forward to Thursday when we will move out of the 30’s. I can’t believe that I will going to a GIEI talk Thursday night!

  3. Heather,

    I very much enjoyed your note and the lovely pictures. I hardly can wait to dig in (literary). My Hellebores and dark purple crocuses provide some lovely colors in the winter/spring garden.

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