How are you keeping your garden dreams alive in the deep-freeze?

Birds - winter 005Dear Friends,

I am preparing another article for our local magazines and need your help. Please tell me…

“What keeps your heart, mind and spirit in the garden, while the winter weather forces us inside?”

Some ideas I have heard are…

  • Feed & watch the birds
  • Force bulbs on the windowsill
  • Renew your love affair with your indoor plants
  • Draw and create a garden plan for the spring/summer
  • Drool over the seed catalogues arriving in the mail
  • Visit your local conservatory or greenhouse
  • Make crafts with dried flowers and plant materials from last year

How are you staying inspired through the deep freeze? Please leave a comment below or on our FB page.

Hang in there my fellow garden lovers, spring is not far away now.

8 thoughts on “How are you keeping your garden dreams alive in the deep-freeze?

  1. 1. Blooming plants in sunroom
    2. Buy seeds when they arrive at local stores and selection is good
    3 . Volunteer at public gardens e.g. Bookside Gardens
    4. Attend a gardening class
    5. Do some pruning on warmer day
    6. Clean and service gardening equipment
    7. Go to a plant clinic to discuss your questions
    8. Visit gardening websites
    9. Cook with fresh herbs and fresh fruit

  2. Just making sure the birds are feed and watered. Also, bought a big bag of unsalted peanuts for the squirrels and put a had full out once or twice a day.

  3. 1. All my Christmas presents were garden supplies or “stuff”
    2. Went through the seed catalogs and already over- ordered seeds
    3.Spent a lot of time looking at the garden of last year and dreaming about how to change/rearrange/expand it
    4.Spent a considerable amount of time diagraming the garden I want on the web with the Garden Planner
    5.Am taking a Plant propagation class with Steve Dubick
    6. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and started some seeds!!!!!!

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