Welcome To “The Soulful Gardener”

Garden Tea & Hat Party 6-9-13 051Gardening has a profound way of leading to life’s insights and supporting our overall health and well-being. I have created this gardening and therapy-through-horticulture website to help connect people with gardening and nature. Interacting with our natural environment supports the mind-body connection and is known to be therapeutic. Let me lead you outside.

Working in your garden will not only result in a beautiful landscape, it will help you :Garden 5-13-13 020

  • find balance
  • soothe your spirit
  • sharpen your senses
  • focus your thinking 
  • increase your creativity
  • improve your mood

Observing and understanding nature helps us more intimately connect to ourselves and the rest of the world. This site is for anyone who can benefit from the personal experiences and stories from a gardener’s heart. I hope to inspire you to get outside, get your hands dirty and grow, both in and out, of the garden.

This site is a place where you will find:

I will teach you:

I will chronicle my “Trowel and Error” projects such as: